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Found file: freebird\\:ret01_@conspiracyforgood.com

From: Claire Finnigan
To: Argyle North
Subject: You've Got Mail

You're not going to believe this Argyle but that lead I talked to you about last week finally paid out. Sure, I've got a bad feeling about this guy but he sure got some impressive connections. Anyway, the information should pretty much confirm your suspicions about the legality of the B&B claims. Also the fat cats are apparently talking about an affiliate that might need to go silent. I don't have the names and exact dates yet, but he's a geologist (?) and he's supposed to come over to the UK in May.

You want me to dig deeper?

ret Emails: 7E06B1 / 63D412 / FD5E6E / 8CD2D6
bur Emails: 9F3B51
aim_thegreenmarine84: 45535F
nor Emails: 5B93BF (+2 attachments)

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