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Found file: freebird\\:nor_@conspiracyforgood:w_game

From: North
Subject: We're game
Date: May 18 2010 04:22:19 GMT


As of 13:00 today, serendipity Birdtower is go. The man we're looking for is David Nsofu. He works with BB's pipeline project in Zambia. It's our understanding that Mr Nsofu is in possession of data that indicate some anomalies in the BB claim of the lands there. His report on the anomalies went straight to the top, but not without getting intercepted by Finnigan's runners.

From the intel we gathered so far, Mr Nsofu will be in London on May 22. He's landing at LHR this Saturday (May 22), and Pegbox will be there waiting for him. Pegbox and Burnett will take field, I'll lead from the Burrow with technical support from KC and Tkat, but we need everyone of you available should a situation arise. As of now, we're in operations. Babbage should be up and running. Keep your applications connected and activated at all times. Stay away from public networks and use only the designated proxyservers.


Found file: upload\\usr:NORTH;attachment_01


3F31BD / E3D8FA / 239AF5
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3F31BD / E3D8FA / 239AF5
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ret Emails: 7E06B1 / 63D412 / FD5E6E / 8CD2D6
bur Emails: 9F3B51
aim_thegreenmarine84: 45535F
nor Emails: 5B93BF (+2 attachments)

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