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Found file: freebird\\:ret04_@conspiracyforgood.com



♠♠ just kidding ♠♠


now let's see if we can't do some untold damage. :)

From: Argyle North
To: Claire Finnigan
Subject: RE: RE: RE: You've Got Mail

It checks out. Thank you so much Claire, that was money well spent. Appreciate you playing this close to heart, we'll definitely want to move in May. Pegbox has some cool ideas we've een working on. Have you stayed in the loop on that?
I'd be personally gratified if you wanted to coordinate with me on this. Maybe over that lunch?

Thank you again, Argyle

ret Emails: 7E06B1 / 63D412 / FD5E6E / 8CD2D6
bur Emails: 9F3B51
aim_thegreenmarine84: 45535F
nor Emails: 5B93BF (+2 attachments)

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