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Found file: freebird\\:bur_@conspiracyforgood:concerns

From: Thomas Burnett
To: Argyle North
Subject: RE: RE: WHat are you thinking?!

fine, I'll keep it in for now but if we ever pull hypathia that boyo's gonna break, you mark my words.

Argyle North wrote: RE: WHat are you thinking?!

Now's not the time Burnett, we're knee-deep in this Zambia-op and I really dont have the daylight for a fussy lieutenant. Just trust me on this one, I've known Marcus for years. I know his friends. And it may well be that he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the fellow's got lots of connections in the green wave and he's ambitious.

Give him an honest chance.
- Argyle

Thomas Burnett wrote: WHat are you thinking?!

Ive never questioned your decisions before and you knwo that I back you up anytime but making this marcus wanker our backup operator is making me edgy. I did speak to you on the matter of his application to the shepherds and thought Id made billy-o clear that this greenbie obviously aint got what it takes.
If we ever find ourselves in a situation where we actually gonna need an operator a wannabe eurotrash activist wont do us any good. I mean really this fish is basically dead from the neck up. Now take my advice and give my bloke a call.

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