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Found file: freebird\\aim_thegreenmarine84
[12:25:18] Argyle: Ellis, where the hell are you?
[12:25:37] thegreenmarine84: wth man i'm on a pubic network that's not cool
[12:25:45] Argyle: To hell with your sensibilities Shaun, where are you?
[12:26:53] Argyle: Shaun?
[12:27:03] thegreenmarine84: whitechapel.
[12:27:18] Argyle: damn
[12:27:22] Argyle: okay
[12:27:35] Argyle: which end
[12:27:53] Argyle: nvm
[12:28:26] thegreenmarine84: keep your fuckin pants on i'm meeting tomtom here
[12:28:31] Argyle: what did you talk to him
[12:28:33] Argyle: ?
[12:28:46] thegreenmarine84: yes?
[12:28:56] thegreenmarine84: wtf?
[12:29:33] Argyle: okay w ell Shaun, we've got a bit of a situation and you need to come in asap, call Thomas if you have to
[12:29:45] thegreenmarine84: aw come of it
[12:30:12] Argyle: I'm serious, get your skinny ass down the tube and go
[12:30:46] thegreenmarine84: what the hell, i only help you guys out on my freetime, for free, whats with the attitude
[12:31:01] Argyle: I'm sorry about the damn attitude Ellis but Babbage is basically on fire and I can't get Tkat
[12:31:46] thegreenmarine84: so what am i, second best?
[12:31:52] Argyle: third
[12:32:06] thegreenmarine84: oh thanks a lot
[12:32:21] Argyle: just come in man. we need you so bad
[12:33:36] thegreenmarine84: ...fine will there be coffee?

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aim_thegreenmarine84: 45535F
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