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Timeline, Story so far

Part I: Down the rabbit hole (start - May 19)

Part II: Babbage 1.6.1 (May 20 - May 26 )

Part III: Every Man Jack Of Us (May 27 - May 31)

Part IV: Accusation (June 1 - June 9)

Part V: The Package (June 11 - June 14)

June 11

Marcus emails several players

Marcus reveals Pegbox is alive and that she left him a package.

Twitter from BrianxCleary

"Got thumped today... details soon - eye's fucked."

June 14

77472 posts The Second Recap at the CFG blog

The Second Recap highlights past events. Encourages players to dig deeper to find the truth behind Dreams Deferred song.

BrianxCleary and Marcus joined the chat

Marcus answered many questions about the package Pegbox left and a letter she sent and reveals that BB is close on his heels in Thailand.

Marcus posts Tidings from BKK at the CFG blog

Marcus posts video announcing return to the UK to take on BB's accusations directly. He posts several of Pegbox's files from the package she had sent him. This includes a coded letter and some sound files.

Pegbox's cipher in the coded letter to Marcus is solved

 ???? solved the coded letter which reveals she was on her way to Zambia for more answers.
This leads to Pegbox's account

Part VI: Nadirah X (June 15 - June ??)

June 15

Pegbox neglects to sign into Babbage. Her files become available.

The files in Pegbox's account on Babbage reveal several movie files showing that she was in Zambia looking for Nadirah X.

New Babbage code: 27JAA

Knave gives access to his Knave's account in Babbage.

Knave's Babbage Account is opened

Inside Knave's account is a video of Nadirah X talking to David Nsofu.

Project Chataika from Tom Newell discovered

two video posts
Video of David Nsofu playing soccer.
Video of David Nsofu and Nadirah X together.

Project Chataika Blog discovered


Marcus posts Pegbox in Zambia at the CFG blog

Marcus posts the videos from Pegbox's account, Knave's account, and Project Chataika's youtube channel.

June 16

Tom Newell posts Nadirah and Tom on Project Chataikah's Youtube channel

Tom and Nadirah discuss the shots that rang out after Pegbox walked away.

Twitter from BrianxCleary

"Sleep? What's that!? OI! DRIVING IS MORE LIKE IT!"

BrianxCleary posts A Touch and Go Evening at the CFG blog

BrianxCleary reveals he is on the run.

Twitter from BrianxCleary

"new rule - don't trust anyone. even me friends are enemies,"

More videos appear in Pegbox's account: Bridge.

Nadirah X goes to Lusaka to report what she has seen.

Marcus posts Moving towards Lusaka at the CFG blog

Marcus posts the "Bridge" video from Pegbox's account.

Marcus posts In Lusaka at the CFG blog

Marcus posts new videos from Pegbox's account and Project Chataika's youtube channel.^
Start1: Nedirah is in Lusaka
Start2: Nedirah is at the policestation and wants to go in
FFC: Video of a package from BB. Is it the contract?

BrianxCleary posts Brian Barely Got Away on his Youtube Channel

BrianxCleary posts video of his injuries sustained from attack from jacks. He blames B-mot.

June 17

Tom Newell posts Annmarie and Nadirah on Project Chataikah's Youtube channel

Tom's video of Nadirah X and Pegbox's meeting.

Knave communicates with Azure Wolf

Knave answers several questions regarding CFG members whereabouts and promises a gift for Azure.

Twitter from BrianxCleary

"right then... just a flare up - didn't mean to point fingers, but i was a bit fired up after that scene, dyknowhatimean?"

omnerando posts Conspiracy For Good Presents: Soup Trolleys at the CFG blog

A project from The List

Marcus posts Reaching out to Tom at the CFG blog

He posts the Annmarie and Nadirah video. He also mentioned that Tom Newell is not reachable.

June 18

BrianxCleary exchanges several tweets with Samuelof247

Brian describes the jacks that accosted him at the Lucky Penny, and get the name, Wayne Right, later to be revealed as J.B. Wainwright.

Knave posts more videos on his Babbage Knave's account.

The videos are from a cctv camera feed inside a Lukasah jail, where Nadirah is framed for shooting Pegbox.

Marcus posts the Knave's latest videos to CCTV Footage and CCTV Footage 2, CCTV Footage 3, CCTV Footage 4, and CCTV Footage 5.

Marcus thinks we can reconstruct what happened by looking at the different angles.

omneandro posts Scarves for Good on the CFG blog.

Some design for CFG.

Knave sends Cyngs flowers.

Knave sends Cyngs flowers with a card that says: "I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVOURITE SPADES"

Marcus posts pictures of the flowers the Knave sent to Cyngs to A Surprise.

Marcus elaborates on the gift from the Knave

June 19

Knave communicates with SamuelofR247

The Friar accuses Knave of having something to do with Brian's beat down.

Knave communicates with SamuelofR247

Knave alerts The Friar that the email hacking software has been released as a mobile app called Mainframe Liberator.

The Knave's Mainframe Liberator App is found

The Mainframe Liberator app hacks into the Blackwell Briggs internal email server and locates BB agents on the map.

June 20

Knave communicates with Cyngs

The Knave answers 20 questions.

Marcus posts several videos from Pegbox's account and the Project Chataikah youtube channel atContact with Nadirah! and Nadirah out of Jail, Nadirah chased by Blackwell Briggs, Nadirah has the contract, and Nadirah and Tom meets up again.

Nadirah makes her escape, gets the contract, and finds the underground railroad.

Marcus posts Weird flyers at Hug-a-Chugger event

The strange flyers lead to another babbage account at steward of london

June 21

Penelope finds a hidden message in the music files from the Steward of London account.

The message says to look for answers in Zambia.

Marcus posts videos from the Project Chataikah youtube channel at Nadirah Before and Emotions in Music.

Tom documents Nadirah's search for answers.

Nadirah uploads more video's to Pegbox's babbage account at [1] and [2]

Nadirah must choose to go either through Gibraltar or Cairo to get the contract to London. She chooses Gibraltar.

June 22

BrianxCleary and Marcus joined the chat

Marcus and Brian discuss what to do about Nadirah X heading for Spain.

AzureWolf hacks Blackwell Briggs internal email server.

Messages prior to June 23 can be found at Blackwell Briggs internal emails 1.

Marcus posts Third Recap.

Third Recap.

Marcus posts Fourth Recap.

Forth Recap.

June 23

Marcus joined the chat

Marcus says he will go to Spain to find Nadirah X on Sunday.

Marcus posts David at the pipeline, David measurements and How we help Nadirah.

Footage of David Nsofu as well as a call to action to help Nadirah.

Disinformation Campaign is started.

Several players tweet disinformation to lure the jacks away from Nadirah X's location.

Knave communicates with SamuelofR247

The Knave comments on Penelope's cute hat.

June 24

Marcus posts Nadirah in Gibraltar, From the Heart and Twitter her for free.

Nadirah makes it to Europe. Twitter campaign: Run Nadirah X.

June 25

Marcus posts Closing in on David.

David talks in his office.

More files are updated on babbage located at Steward of London

"Curious" files are posted.

June 26

Marcus posts Nadirah about to meet "Argyle" andLost but Alive.

Nadirah meets the BB agent claiming to be Argyle and gives him the contract.

June 27

Marcus posts The contract is lost.

Nadirah realizes she's been had.

Marcus joined the chat very briefly

Marcus says he has been driving towards Nadirah's last location for hours and that he will get a phone the next day.

June 28

Marcus posts A Music Lead.

Marcus encourages unmembers to solve the latest Steward of London puzzle.

Penelope finds a hidden message in the music files from the Steward of London account.

The message says for Nadirah not to trust "Argyle".

Exchange of messages communication between Marcus and Cyngs

Marcus reveals he was not the one that got in contact with Nadirah.

E. King emails the jackal team

E. King suspects a rat.

E. King emails Bernie Callum

E. King reveals someone was in contact with Nadirah.

June 29

Axel posts Calling all non-members in the Berlin area.

Marcus's friend Axel asks for help from local Berlin unmembers in finding Nadirah and the Contract.

Marcus joined the chat very briefly

Marcus leaves his new phone number: +49(0)15228088639 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +49(0)15228088639      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Axel and Marcus joined the chat

Axel introduces himself and how he got involved. Marcus and Axel ask for leads on Nadirah.

June 30

Marcus posts How it All Began.

Nadirah talks about the Room to Read project in Chataika.

Blackwell Briggs emails regarding the Keep Her Out campaign

The Keep Her Out campaign is ready to go live.

The Keep Her Out site goes live

Blackwell Briggs starts Keep Her (Nadirah) Out Campaign.

Marcus exchanges texts Cyngs

He writes: Oh fuck, you where right cyngs. The posters has started to show up everywhere now.
She responds: When am I ever wrong boss
He writes: Never love. We have a suprise for you and my hands smell like rubber

BrianxCleary posts Roads Kelly interview

Adam Malemut interviews Roads Kelly about the Rock and Roll Conspiracy and its association with CFG.

BrianxCleary and Axel joined the chat

Brian discusses the Rock and Roll conspiracy.

E. King emails Arabella regarding the Austrian lead

BB plans to forge arrest warrants once the Austrian lead (Penelope) is identified.

E. King emails jackal team about contract handover

The drop is to take place July 2.

July 1

Marcus posts Nadirah in Prague.

Nadirah waits to meet Tom in Prague in order to be transported to Berlin.

Marcus posts Nadirah and the kids of Chataika.

Nadirah web-conferences with some kids in Chataika.

Marcus posts Conspiracy for Good, Prague.

Nadirah finds the underground railroad in Prague.

Marcus posts Blackwell Briggs in Prague.

Nadirah is hunted by jackals.

Marcus posts Searching for the Contract.

Marcus and Axel search for a jackal's hotel room.

Axel gives video to Cyngs.

We discover why Marcus's hands smell like rubber.

AzureWolf solves the 77472 puzzle.

77472=Spira when texted on a cell phone.

A. Gottlieb emails J. B. Wainwright

A. Gottlieb gives location of his new hotel room.

July 2

Marcus posts A Time and a Place.

Marcus and Axel searches inside a jackal's hotel room.

Marcus posts Fifth Recap.

Fifth Recap.

Cfg_Stefan recovers the contract.

chat 1
chat 2
chat 3

July 3

Marcus posts The Contract is Recovered.

Unmember Stefan retrieves the contract from a jackal and passes it over to Nadirah and Marcus.


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