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Communication with Marcus

Hello Lex

Hello Lex

From: Agent Lex
To: Marcus

Hey Marcus

My friend Shizzire told me about your address and twitter account, so don't worry. Just to let you know, you've got plenty of people looking out for you - you should join us in the chat sometime. The details are all up at, it's easy. And if you need someone to buy you a drink, I'm in London so it shouldn't be hard for us to meet up once you're back from Thailand.

- Lex
Re: Hello Lex

From: Marcus
To: Agent Lex

Hey Lex. I am really confused as to what is going on. I'd love to chat sometime soon. Right now I have this package from Argyle with very specific instructions on what I should do.

God knows I could use a drink. I will definitely give you a shout when I'm back. I'm guessing no one happens to be in BKK?

I'm sorry I didn't let you guys know I'm ok. This connection leaves much to wish for.

Catch you soon



Chat 1

Date: 28 May

Low_Key ( has joined #conspiracyforgood
ChanServ sets mode: +o Low_Key
<Low_Key> Hey people
<Low_Key> Just wanted to jump by briefly and say thanks. It really meant alot to me.
<AgentLex> Hey Marcus
<Low_Key> Hey
<AgentLex> Thanks for checking in. I just sent a reply off to you, actually
<Low_Key> Oh great.
<Low_Key> I can't stay for long right now. But I promise I'll be back. Just wanted to say I am ok. Thanks again!
<AgentLex> Cheers. And let us know if we can help any more, always here for ya
<Low_Key> Thanks! Later.
@Low_Key ( Quit (Quit: Low_Key)

Email to Shizzire

Email to Shizzire

From: Marcus Bergh
To: Shizzire
date: May 28

Thank you so much for picking u on that. The world seems to be a lonely place right now. Argyle has assured me that this account is safe from greedy eyes, while I am not so sure about Twitter.

Anyhow, I'll be on the IRC with you people as soon as I finish following up a lead that Argyle left me. I am very happy for the emails - you lot are the only people I trust right now.


Thanks Boss

Thanks Boss

from: cyngs
to: Marcus Bergh
date: Jun 28, 2010

for keeping us informed, thanks for the trust in us, we really appreciate it (that was sarcasm in case you couldn't read my tone)

well it seems that you've been in contact with nadirah and are heading to berlin after jordon

will just sit on our hands and watch it all go down (as per usual)

while you are there you might as well make yourself useful and buy me chocolates (the kind with nipples)...


p.s. why did i email you again, why???

oh yeah: intercepted this:

Subject:Sleeping on the job
June 27 or 28

At 9:53 and 10:21 AM GMT this morning an unknown caller managed to get through to the phone in possession of the Doe. Birdseye have confirmed this and have estimated both calls to amount to more than 5 minutes. I’ve had it with you Callum, one more slip-up and I’ll personally see to bring you down.

Keep her isolated, keep her in the dark, and most important of all – keep her off the fucking grid.

and this:

To:b.laffont; a.gottlieb; m.baniC
Subject:We've got a rat
June 27 or 28

Jackal Group, we’ve run into a problem. The Doe has moved from Valencia and it seems like she’s following the Runner to Berlin. Birdseye suspects that our target’s got a contact within the company that’s feeding her information. I’ve forwarded this information to ISD, requesting a purge. Keep your team members on a tight leash, I’ll get back to you with more information ASAP.

no need to thank me, it's not like you have bothered to in the past :P
Re: Thanks Boss

from: Marcus Bergh
to: cyngs
date: Jun 29, 2010

Hey Cyngs. I just woke up and saw this in my inbox. We have been driving through Denmark and Germany and haven't been having internet until late last night. I am sorry if I don't keep you guys up to date always - I don't know what I am doing half the time.

I am quite sure however, that I haven't been in contact with Nadirah. Thank you for the info about Berlin. We will be driving back there right now.

Much love

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