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Part I: Down the rabbit hole

before May 18

The Rabbit Hole

J$ at Barley Sarcasm blogs a request for videos of people saying "I am not a member". Soon after, the website Imnotamember is launched, featuring short clips of various people denying "membership", including familiar faces such as J.J. Abrams, cast members from Heroes, Ringo Starr, and others. The website urges people to join The Conspiracy for Good.

The following posts are found there: 77472 posts I'm not a member at the CFG blog

Advertisment for http://www.imnotamember.com

Pegbox posts A Call to Action at the CFG blog

Introducing "The List", the nerve center of the movement, where people can post "Causes", "Events" and "Help outs".

Pegbox posts Conspiracy For Good at the CFG blog

More detailed explanation of CFG.

Pegbox posts Street Child of Sierra Leone at the CFG blog

Introducing this charity project.

Pegbox posts Introducing Mat Osman at the CFG blog

Mat Osman (wikipedia) will be the chief editor of the CFG blog.

Pegbox posts Messages in Flight at the CFG blog

You could download and print flying flyers. Take photos and send them to CFG.

Mat Osman posts Warming Up at the CFG blog

Some information about events in London ?!

May 18

Unfiction discovers CFG

Hidden 77472 forum found on the CFG blog

Different content than the normal forum. Leads to the initiation program: Lord Magpie puzzle

Pegbox posts Lord Magpie at the CFG blog

Some have found the Lord Magpie puzzle. "Search for the numbers" is a hint for the hidden 77472 forum.

Mat Osman posts Guerilla Gardens at the CFG blog

More information about events in London ?!

Pegbox posts We found something! at the CFG blog

They found something important. Check back for updates.

kaycee posts a thread in the hidden forum linking to a video

Links to a huge torrent movie file: Blackwell Briggs Revealed. Blackwell Briggs is a big company that wants to influence the UK parliament to allow for more security surveillance using their technology. There is also a link to the company's homepage in the Lord Magpie puzzle.

People apply for open positions at BlackwellBriggs

May 19

Mat Osman posts Our first event at the CFG blog

Information about the first CFG event

In the normal forum a youtube user named imnotamember1 is discussed

One of his videos Birds (see also Birds Puzzle) has some Morse Code in it leading to the CFG blog. There are a lot of other strange videos in his account.

Pegbox posts Blackwell Briggs revealed at the CFG blog

Links to a youtube copy of the torrent video, to the BlackwellBriggs homepage and to the hidden forum.
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