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Coded Letter


On June 14 Marcus posted the files he got from Pexbox. It contains a letter with ciphers and 4 sound files:


Shift the notes from the sound files by the numbers from the file name.

This leads to passwords(corvidae, sturnidae, turdidae and alaudidae) that could be used to encrypt the letter with Vignere

The letter reads:

dear lowkey.

i'm pegbox. we met briefly when our mutual friend, mr north first introduced you to our organisation. i'm not sure if you remember me. you must be so very confused right now, words cannot begin to express how sorry i am for leaving you like this

i'm on my way to zambia. i will try to put an end to blackwell briggs, and that's all i can tell you. i am being followed and traced. jack is catching up to me. i'm writing this to you, should i fail.

i'm uploading everything i do down here to my personal account on babbage. phone conversations, video - everything. mobile coverage down here is pretty bad so i imagine things will drop in when i'm close to a hotspot.

the username is pegbox. the password is one of my favorite songs, written by lennon before he was shot. shouldn't be too hard for you, lowkey.

With utmost confidence in your musical ear; my legacy to you my friend.



This leads to the password for pegbox account

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