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Pegbox's Account

Found on June 15 due to the coded letter

UN: pegbox PW: imagine

June 15

Read Me
Hi! I hope you are not reading this. Because if you are, you know... Well... I guess you are if you are here... :S

I have set my phone to automatically update my latest files and reports to babbage June 15th, should I fail to follow protocol. If that happens, you must follow through with my work. Shouldn't be necessary though.

Much love

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PB: "I'm just outside of Lusaka. I'm looking for a woman named Nadirah. Some of the members in London were jailed... others killed. I know that what happened in London is tied to what's happening here."

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PB: "This is it. The pipeline that's been contracted by Blackwell Briggs. David said they were planning on gutting an entire village to make room for the southern pipeline. The whole thing is being planned and built and guarded by them. Effective vertical integration, to say the least.

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PB: "In the middle of Petauke now. Chataika is below."

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PB: "I need to find Nadirah. - I think it's safe to walk on the main road for now. - The school's just up here."

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PB: "Listen - we don't have much time to talk. I know about David and I know about Blackwell Briggs. Can we talk outside?"
N: "One second".
PB: "If the company knows what I know, then you're in danger. This whole village is."
N: "What - Who are you?"
PB: "David is dead. He died in London.
N: "David... David Nsofu from Blackwell Briggs?
PB: "He was killed. He knew to much. He knew about the contract."
N: " The contract... What exactly was he doing in London?"
PB: "He was becoming a liability, so they took him out."
N: "What does it have to do with me?
PB: "You're the only person he said I could trust."
N: "ME?
PB: "You. He said that you could help me find this contract. If I had this contract, then I'll be able to go to London, I'll be able to - Oh no. Change of plan."
N: "What plan?"
PB: "You're gonna take this contract. You're gonna go to London. You see - they don't know what you look like, but... I'm toast. Here. Take this phone."
N: "What..."
PB: "Blackwell just wants to destroy this village, okay? You can stop it."
N: "Me? Stop them? I'm just here to teach these kids!"
PB: "Right. But if you don't do this, there's no reason for us to be standing here. You see, you have a reason to do this, Nadirah. It's the same reason that you stayed here, it's the same reason you befriended David, it's the same reason you're -" (there's a bit I don't really understand here)
N: "Look, wait, wait - David and I were never friends. I don't know ANYTHING."
PB: "Just take what I gave you. Find the Conspiracy for Good."
N: "What? The Con-what?"
PB: "We're on the run, okay? We need your help."
N: "We who?"
PB: "Use the underground railroad."
N: "What are you talking -"
PB: "Get the contract. Go to London."
N: " So now you want me to go to London."
PB: "Use the underground railroad. Just - you're not alone, okay? There are people out there who are helping you. Do what they tell you."
N: "What -"
PB: "Go!"
N: "What is going on here?"
PB: "I need to take care of this."

June 16


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Nedirah: It's really, really hot today. I am on my way to Lusaka to report what I saw. I hope I can get there soon. .....

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Nedirah: I'm here in Lusaka. I'm not sure what I should taping. I'm not sure who gonna see this... but I am on my why to the police station. [....] I just keep on walking. [....]

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Nedirah: I'm here now. I gotta go in.

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Nedirah got several packages from BB
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