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Found file: tphn.argl.brn.mrcs.03



Argyle: Ah…Brian?

Brian: Yeah it’s about time, asshole. What got you so worked up?

Argyle: It’s the situation at the job. Did you find it?

Brian: No, you put it in a real pretty fucking (garbled)…It’s got a new address, but it’s going to cost you.

Argyle: Where are ya now, Brian? Are you’re being followed?

Brian: What the fuck man? Why would I be? I’m filling in at the BP at Kidbrooke. That’s another 30 quid, by the way.

Argyle: Where is the new address at?

Brian: It’s close to Covent Garden. Who is following me?

Argyle: Ah, ah, no one, no one. Just forget what I said. Just get Marcus, okay?

Brian: Ah…

tphn.thms.clr (Claire's voicemail): 73F130 / C95638 / ED9F5A
tphn.argl.brn.mrcs (Argyle to Brian re Marcus): 0F9BC8 / B5D3B7 / 006B56 / 7394DA / 6E5081
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