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Found file: tphn.argl.brn.mrcs.02



Argyle (answering machine): You've reached Argyle, please leave a message after the beep (beep)
Man 1: Aright fuckface, I just had a nice little run-in with your friend's ex, and she was awful mad. She tru me out with a fuckin' garbage bag with all his clothes. Fucker must be a fisherman or sumfing cause it sure smells like it. She ga' me an address in Greenwich and I'm goin' o'er there right now to check it out. If he isn't there I'm gonna fuckin' call it a night and yer still fuckin' paying me.

tphn.thms.clr (Claire's voicemail): 73F130 / C95638 / ED9F5A
tphn.argl.brn.mrcs (Argyle to Brian re Marcus): 0F9BC8 / B5D3B7 / 006B56 / 7394DA / 6E5081
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