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Found file: tphn.argl.brn.mrcs.01



Man 1: Yeah?
Argyle: Hey Mate, uh whatya up to?
Man 1: Argyle, what you want?
Argyle: have you got time?
Man 1: I'm kinda in the middle of something can i call you back
Argyle: I need a favour
Man 1: Ah fuck... what?
Argyle: I need you to pick up a friend, his name is Marcus, I need you to get him somewhere, can you do it
Man 1: I'm not a fuckin' hackney man, call a cab
Argyle: fine fine, consider it the last favour ill ever ask of ya
Man 1: ya right
Argyle: I'm serious
Man 1: aright last one no more favors asshole and i want my fuckin money
Argyle: promise, much appreciated. remember his name is Marcus, I'll text you his home address
Man 1: *Ugh*

tphn.thms.clr (Claire's voicemail): 73F130 / C95638 / ED9F5A
tphn.argl.brn.mrcs (Argyle to Brian re Marcus): 0F9BC8 / B5D3B7 / 006B56 / 7394DA / 6E5081
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