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Found file: ~$\\.everymanjackofus_PRIZE!

(you get a prize)

I like that. Good work %n=CYNGS! Clever girl/boy. Since you like stories I will give you another one! It has a moral! Pass it on to your friar to meditate on. (UNLESS THAT'S YOU, IS THAT YOU? HI!!! LOVE YOUR SERMONS. no wait friars don't preach do they oh well)


From: Vauxhall c
To: aceofspades@hushmail.com
Subject: Re: re: re: let's be friends!

you obviously talk the talk and I must say I'm somewhat bemused with this new 4-chan approach you've got going, but if this girl got a penny for each and everytime a disgruntled BB employee sought us out with 'solid' intel I'd be the one to buy and pummel the BB stocks down into the ground where they belong. Now, I'm gonna put you in the uncomfortable affiliates bracket, keep buzzing and give me some dirt of real interest and we might strike a deal.

>aceofspades@hushmail.com wrote:
Haha, of course you saw that! ngl, I like you. A reason, huh, well; I have a trustworthy face? Just look: :)

Fine. How about, I'm a bona fide disgruntled employee, and I'm bored? Or I got ~*ethical qualms*~? Either way, I've got things you want to see. Important things by the look of it. If you want to miss out because you think my proxy-pants are out of fashion; well, that's your privilege, but I'm still gonna be like "lol, told you so!" when it's over.

You see, I wear the t-shirt, I read the emails. (And so could you!)

Have a sample: Once upon a time, far far away, there was a man called David. Dear David sent a number of electronic mails (they are like regular mail, but they arrive a lot quicker and you see them on a screen!) to his friends on the other side of the water. But David's electronic mails were ignored for a long time, because his friends were so very busy! Then one day, one of them actually sat down and read the mail (which they thought was a lot of work even though they didn't even have to use a letter-opener or anything). David's friend was shocked and appalled by David's words, and quickly mailed all of _their_ friends! The house of David's friend turned into a right hornets nest, and it was not a fun place to be for a few days. Then one of David's friends said, "Hey, David, why don't you come over here, and we can talk about your words in person." David agreed, of course!

He's gonna be here maybe in April or May. You want to sit this out, C-square?

>>Vauxhall c wrote:
Hey Ace

Anonymous hushmail messages that bounces through 3 known BB-proxies to get here gives me the bumps. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't cut this channel and call it a day?


>>>aceofspades@hushmail.com wrote:

You don't know me, but I know you. That's kind of creepy, isn't it. Haha! More importantly; I know what you're doing. I've watched your little organisation mill about. It's fun. Don't worry! I want to help. That's... really blatant, isn't it? Well what can I say, I'm a giver.

...sort of.

Of course, tanstaafl, and, y'know, it wouldn't be safe for me to help you. My situation is precarious! I would be taking _a risk_. _For you_. I think myself justified in asking for the following:

* A safe way to deliver the goods. You've got some sort of network for that, don't'cha.
* Riches! Euros by preference, in this uncertain world.

4EC7C4 / 263031 / 592169 / 335F14 / F70D48 / 137F50 / 946835
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