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Conspiracy For Good

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The nutshell

Summary of the story so far...

In May, J$ at Barley Sarcasm blogs a request [1] for videos of people saying "I am not a member". Soon after, the website Imnotamember.com is launched, featuring short clips of various people denying "membership", including familiar faces such as J.J. Abrams, cast members from Heroes, Ringo Starr, and others. The website urges people to join The Conspiracy for Good.

The Conspiracy for Good (CFG) calls on participants[2] to participate in "do-goodery" and to spread the message of its existence. A secret forum[3] on the site reveals the Lord Magpie puzzle, which tells the story of Lord Magpie and subtly introduces the nemesis for CFG -- BlackwellBriggs, a nefarious multinational corporation hellbent on introducing controversial legislature[4] to Parliament that would give it unprecedented power and control.

Meanwhile, several players applied for jobs at Blackwell-Briggs and were asked by Liz Greenwell to send in resumes, along with copies of certification including military.

Kaycee at the Conspiracy For Good leaked a confidential video[5] featuring Sir Ian Briggs from BlackwellBriggs corporation, which caught the ire of Blackwell-Briggs themselves[6]. Ann Marie Calhoun (aka Pegbox), spokesman for CFG, released another video[7] criticizing Blackwell-Briggs and disappeared[8] shortly thereafter.

The CFG team was in line to intercept a geologist named David Nsofu (from BB's Zambia pipeline operation) who had intel on the anomalies to BB's land claims there. Pegbox and Thomas Burnett were to wait for Nsofu at the LHR airport on May 22.

On May 23, the Hypatia Protocol was initiated.

The Pirate Bay was somehow caught up in the ensuing drama[9]. Blackwell-Briggs announces it plans to take the Pirate Bay down via Arabella Major.

It now appears that Blackwell-Briggs is hacking CFG's mysterious system Babbage thanks to one of us (Shizzire) inadvertently acting as a saboteur. The story of the hacking attempts can be followed on the Babbage page. It seems several members of CFG have also gone missing along with Pegbox. Pegbox's last communication, recently decoded, revealed she was heading to Zambia.

On May 26, CFG's backup operator, Marcus, posted messages on Youtube [10] and CFG [11]. In the messages, he reports that CFG is under attack and that he is fleeing to Thailand after a mysterious man named Brian picked him up from a nightclub. He also suspects a CFG member might be dead.

Blackwell-Briggs ups the pressure, by labeling the members of CFG as involved with human trafficking following a sting operation with MIS. BB specifically targets Pegbox and Marcus, even plastering Bangkok with wanted posters with Marcus's face on it.

On June 14, Marcus reveals he is coming out of hiding to fight these accusations head on.

On June 15, Pegbox neglected to sign in. As per protocol, her files on Babbage became available. They include videos taken from her cell cam in Zambia in which she reveals several shocking details including David Nsofu's demise at the hand of BB, the jailing of several CFG members, and the killing of others. Pegbox seeks out a school teacher named Nadirah and begs for her to go to London as she is the only one able to stop BB now (with the help of the remaining active CFG members).

Later videos uploaded from Pegbox reveal that Pegbox was presumably shot. Nadirah went to Lusakah to report the incident to the police, indicting Blackwell Brigg's thugs. The local police then framed Nadirah for Pegbox's shooting. Somehow she manages to get away, track down the mysterious missing Blackwell Briggs contract with the village of Chataika, and make her way to London via Spain.

In the meantime, the Knave of Spades's own account is opened on Babbage, revealing video of David Nsofu working on Blackwell Brigg's oil pipeline that will run straight through Chataika. The Knave also gifts us an email hacking software program that reveals the locations of several BB agents and also provides access to Blackwell Briggs internal emails 1 server.

Nadirah X uses the underground railroad to reach Spain, right into a hornet's nest of Blackwell Briggs agents, a team which includes a sniper named M. BaniC. Several players initiate a Disinformation Campaign and lure most of the agents away from Nadirah's location. Unfortunately, she is fooled into giving the contract to an agent who she presumes to be Argyle.

Nadirah heads to Berlin via the underground railroad where she meets several unmembers in Prague. Meanwhile, Marcus and his friend Axel drive towards Spain to find her. Several Blackwell Briggs emails reveal that the contract will be handed over in Berlin. Marcus doubles back and heads for Berlin to find Nadirah and the contract. Blackwell Briggs initiates a Keep Her Out campaign and is fed disinformation regarding Nadirah's true location. Marcus locates the contract handover location but it is unmember CGF_Stefan that intercepts the contract in a surprising move. Stefan hands the contract to Nadirah and Marcus. Nadirah heads towards the U.K. with the contract.

In the meantime, BrianxCleary discovers a Rock and Roll conspiracy connection to CFG via Adam Malemut who interviews Roads Kelly.

Despite Marcus's assurance that Nadirah would not answer her phone and have a repeat of the "Argyle" Incident, she does just that outside of the Berlin Wall and agrees to meet "unmember" Gerard. Nadirah then travels to Brussels to meet Gerard but immediately becomes suspicious of him when he casually mentioned he's talked to Argyle that morning. Realizing its another setup, Nadirah hi-tales it out of there. Eventually, she receives communication from the Prague unmember who sets up with another contact, presumably to find safe passage to London.

A Miss Helen contacts unmember J. Lopez and informs him that the books intended for the library at Chataika from the Room to Read project have gone missing. Room to Read founder John Wood confirms this, and casts suspicion on Blackwell Briggs. In the meantime, things are heating up at Chataika as the children of the village inform Nadirah (through web conference) that there is bulldozer activity in the village.

Mysterious Points of Interest begin to appear on the map leading to several drop spots where more information is leaked about Blackwell Briggs as well as an invitational package from the Conspiracy of Good. The Santa Monica Point of Interest has so far not been investigated.

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