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This ARG is sponsored by Nokia, so they've incorporated a cell phone game. As you play through the game you reveal codes that are entered into Babbage. Each time you play, somewhere between level 52 and level 80, depending on how many CFG logos you save, you will unlock 3 different codes. There are a total of 80 codes in the game, after AgentLex and AzureWolf played for several hours and found 9 codes, AzureWolf unzipped the .jar file and found a text file with all 80 codes inside, these have subsequently been entered into babbage and are currently decrypting.

PC Instructions

  • To play the game on a PC:

Install the MPowerPlayer (Click here) which allows you to play cell phone games on your pc.

Click here to download the game

When you open the MPowerPlayer click File->Open and click the file you just downloaded above.


There is a Morse code played that decodes to X0l.nu.

After playing all levels you receive three codes (the following one is from AgentLex):


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