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We (Agent Lex, Phyxius, and cyng) solved Jack’s riddle from everymanajackofus:

The answer led to the file 946835 (note: this has not been decrypted yet). This is how we did it.

From the card file 263031 it said:

once upon a time on serendipity lane
there lived a deck of cards
who faught all day long
at one end lived NINE the lane's letteranian
he and FIVE ne'er got along very well
that's why they made their lairs
on either end
of the stairwell

So first of all we were able to deduce that 9 was the first number and 5 was the last (either ends of the stairwell). This gives us 9????5

From 592169:

EIGHT didn't like any of them
so she found
for herself a handsome evil twin of NINE
just to piss him off
they formed that yeah when a King was shot
and stole
the middle ground

From this we gather the 8 was next to the 6 (the "evil twin" of 9). 1968 was the year a King (Martin Luther King) was shot. So the order was 68 and not 86 and is in the centre (the middle ground) giving us 9?68?5

From 335F14:

SIX didn't like THREE
and thus THREE got beaten
he got pushed to the one end
where he might end up eaten

...and from 137F50

FIVE liked food
and grew so fat
that it turned to dusk over his house
before he was done with his lunch
also he smelled of elderberries

We realized the 3 is next to 5 because 5 is hungry. 5 is also at the end at "dusk" opposite from 9 (Lord of the Morning). This gives us 9?6835

From F70D48:

FOUR was the groundbreaker
the packtmaker
she bacame BFF with the Lord of the Morning
they had tea every day
but she didn't know
(it didn't show)
that she was the bufferzone to the Twin

4 was the buffer between 9 and 6 (the twin). It sits next to Lord of the Morning (9 a.m.) so we finally get 946835.

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