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Characters & Organizations


CFG People

Blackwell Briggs People

  • Sir Ian Briggs
    • CEO
    • Lord Magpie?
  • Arabella Major
    • Head of Legal
  • Liz Greenwell
    • Career and Recruitment
  • Thomas Creighton
    • Head of Investor Relations
  • Charlotte Hansen
    • Director of International Investor Relations
  • Morris Bread
    • Director of Investor Relations
  • David Miller
    • Blackwell Briggs Investors?
  • Jack
    • short for jackal? (see Lord Magpie puzzle)
    • Jacks are a nickname for BB's private police/security force
    • Knave of Spades in cryptic communication with Friar Tilton


  • A "Lead"
    • discussed by Claire and Argyle
    • impressive connections
    • total black hat
    • full of himself
    • offered to sell e-mail hacking software to Claire
    • the lead and David Nsofu are not the same person
  • David Nsofu
    • Geologist
    • Has intel on BB's land claims that goes to the top
    • Going "silent"
    • Part of BB's pipeline project in Zambia
    • Pegbox and Burnett intercept him from the LHR airport on May 22
  • "Iamnotamember1 "
  • "Keyser Soze"
    • Hacker that is infiltrating Babbage
    • Ace of Spades (iamtheaceandomega)
  • Brian Cleary
  • Nadirah (in real world an artist/singer Nadirah X)
    • currently working on a project with kids in Zambia
    • has been contacted by PB who went missing shortly after the encounter
    • should be a key figure in acquiring incriminating documents realted to BB pipeline project
    • Was last seen going to Lusaka to report (supposedly) attack on PB
    • Is in direct contact with Tom
  • Tom Newell
    • Amateur film-maker working on a documentary on Chataika children and schooling project
    • The editor of 'project chataika' blog and probable owner of the youtube channel
    • so far the closest link to the Zambia incident
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