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Blackwell Briggs



Name Position Contact Internal Email Server
Sir Ian Briggs CEO Unknown i.briggs
Arabella Major Head of Legal a.major
Liz Greenwell Career and Recruitment e.greenwell
Thomas Creighton Head of Investor Relations
Charlotte Hansen Director of International Investor Relations
Morris Bread Director of Investor Relations
David Miller Blackwell Briggs Investors?
J. B. Wainwright  ???? jb.wainwright
Morgan Whites Internal PR Department  ??? m.whites
Ethan King  ???  ??? e.king
Frankie Miner  ????  ??? f.miner
Bernie Callum Tech Support  ??? b.callum
David Nsofu Pipeline Project in Chataikah, Zambia  ??? d.nsofu
Kate Priestly  ????  ??? k.priestly
John Delgado  ????  ??? j. delgado
Bernard Laffont Agent  ??? b.laffont
M. Banič Agent  ??? m.baniČ
D. Goya Agent  ???  ???
C. Medem Agent  ???  ???
M. Auermann Agent  ???  ???
K. Schmidt Agent  ???  ???
A. Gottlieb Agent  ??? a.gottlieb
B. Jordan Agent  ???  ???
E. Root Agent  ???  ???
A. Daniels Agent  ???  ???

This list contains more employee data that may or may not be relevant:

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